Geir Johnsen

Engineer - Electronics Trondheim Ingeniørhøgskole, Norway 1979 - 1982 

Practical work after


Designed and built a lot of electronic modules as Organ (see pic) Transistor and Tube amplifiers, Transmitters and receivers, frequency counter, alarm system (both HW and SW), Power supplies and Computer including EEprom programming device, Tape Storage unit, Graphic card (B/WH), Trackball Interface, Printer spooler module (HW and SW) ++.


5 years as Radio/TV-Service Engineer.

Have been responsible for Analog and Digital module design and also product system (El-Mech) design. Have also done PCB board layout designs.

Good Video knowledge (PAL-NTSC), RGB-monitors.

                     Acctrl.jpg (12031 bytes) dcpower.jpg (89941 bytes) mb.jpg (36159 bytes) rac_mb.jpg (29570 bytes)

                     Project responsible for Backplane, Card Rack and power supply design in cooperation with several European manufacturers.

                     Motherboard/Backplane: 12 layer, 50, 75 and 100 ohm impedance, DIN41612 og 2.0/2.5mm connectors. Differential clocks.



Many years 3D Mechanical design. Tools, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Ideas.

rack.jpg (70351 bytes)

Above is a Card Rack Sheet Metal design, compact and low cost.

pl snap

Motorized Lock mechanism. Right is a rotary machinery safety release coupling

Aluminum Die Cast part design



Solar heating system -" self made" Panel and control unit


Ansvarlig utførende for takløft (bl.a)


EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatability):

Around 1000 hours practical EMC design and issues solving during real EMC site work (Norway, Sweeden and Germany).

Visualisation - animation:

3D Studio/MAX

Product Design:

                    Team member and much involved in Vivid 7 design. Nominated: "Hedersprisen for God Design" arranged by av Norsk Designråd":

Designpris.jpg (68855 bytes)


Last years being project leader for a Global product platform configurable to different market segments. Has given me valuable knowledge within Project management, Budget, Industrial Design, Mechanical and HW coordination - also with User interface and ergonomics. Cooperation and project managment including external design teams with high focus on detail design an process cost and part price.

Was from 2002 to 2007 Lead System Designer for the new GE Global Ultrasound platform product design - ID and Elmech design.



Personal interests/knowledge:

Single Engine small Aircraft License (PPL) (checkout: Piper Cherokee PA28-140 and Grumman Cheetah AA5A.

Gas/Arc Welding, Carpenter knowledge after bulding and refurbishing 3 Houses. Concrete/Brick wall work, Plumming and Electrical knowledge. Car repair including total Motor overhaul.

Some video/digital camera editing and image processing.

Sport: Bicycling (racing), Speed skating, Snowboard, Downhill and Cross Country skiing.